Cats like your Oscar love to bite to show affection.


Make sure his teeth are optimally healthy: get him a cat teeth dental without anesthesia.

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Why Oscar’s Teeth Need Regular Cleanings

Regular dental care will not only help keep Oscar’s teeth shiny and his breath fresh, but also, when done right, will help prevent dental infections like periodontal or gum disease.

Then, when you play, you’ll know his love bites are lovely, too.

Kissing a dog Kissing a dog

Deep Inside a Cat’s Mouth

Your purrfect Oscar has 32 adult teeth, fewer than Luna’s, who has 42. His teeth are also significantly smaller, too, which means his dental will go faster than Luna’s will.

Oscar’s mouth carries a lot of different types of bacteria capable of causing tissue wounds in bite wounds, such as the more common, highly pathogenic bacteria known as Pasteurella multocida.

This means more pathogens ready to attack his gumline and teeth, giving him a higher risk of periodontal and gumline diseases than Luna.

Cat teeths

Also, because dogs chew on bones and cats don’t, cats don’t benefit from the natural help bone chewing brings in preventing periodontal disease.

So they contract this unhealthful, pain-causing, invasive disease that requires an anesthetic dental by a vet that needs sedation more often than dogs.

You probably don’t notice Oscar’s teeth as you do Luna’s, do you?

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How Non-Anesthetic dentals work for Cats

  • We prefer to perform dentals on cats as our first or last patients so dogs aren’t around to stress them out.

  • We fully check to make sure your Oscar isn’t overly anxious or has severe pain, such as oral pain.

  • A cleaning takes about 30 minutes.

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Our 5-Step Dental Process

Oscar Goes from Grumpy Cat to Fine Feline with a Cat Dental

icon play

At First: Feline Grouchy. Now: Feline Proud.

“Purrfectly delightful,” purrs Oscar.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oscar’s Dentals

Your Oscar should get a dental every six months to keep his mouth meowvelous.