Ever look at Luna and Oscar’s teeth? Not very white, huh?

That’s because they accumulate plaque and debris like yours do.
It all needs to be removed regularly for their excellent oral health and overall well-being.

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We do it with no anesthesia, safely and completely.

Learn how we make Luna’s canines shine and Oscar’s molars gleam.

What Exactly is a Non‑Anesthetic Pet Dental?

It’s precisely what you imagine:

A pet teeth cleaning without anesthesia that takes a 5-step approach:

First, a deep cleaning that removes plaque and calculus on your pet’s teeth inside and out, then a cleanse of the bacteria under the gumline, followed by a polish, wipe and rinse.

You’ll notice a difference right away: their teeth will shine and their breath will be super fresh. More important, though, that plaque will be gone as we go beneath the gumline to remove it to help prevent periodontal disease and other serious dental problems, which can require more invasive anesthetic dental work.

With regular cleanings, Luna and Oscar can have fabulous smiles and healthy teeth. And it’s safe and affordable.

Violá! Little Luna or Oscar is good to go for 6 months.
Dog and Cat Dog and Cat

Using anesthesia free techniques, Healthy Smiles quickly and gently cleans your Luna or Oscar’s teeth in about 45 minutes at one of our partner locations — or at your home.

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Now, When is Anesthesia Required?

Anesthetic dental cleanings are usually reserved for severe problems like periodontal disease (inflammation or infection that causes weakening or loss of support structures of the teeth) where sometimes teeth have to be extracted and the use of sedation is advised to avoid pain.

Non-Anesthetic vs. Anesthetic Dentals

Depending on the treatment’s purpose, sometimes an anesthetic treatment is required; sometimes only a non-anesthetic treatment is.

Here’s a breakdown of when each one is needed:

When is it needed?
Procedure Time
Down Time
Lab Tests
Side Effects

Without Anesthesia

Every 6 months to maintain Quality Dental Care
45 minutes
No down time
No medications are used
Doesn’t required prior lab tests
No Side Effects
$179 - $269 depending on pet’s size

With Anesthesia

Every 2-3 years for a deeper cleaning OR When Severe Dental infections like periodontal or gumline disease are present
4 to 8 hours (including recovery time)
Recovery time after procedure
Sedatives and general anesthesia (both IV and inhaled) are used
Requires pre-anesthetic lab work to make sure pet’s internal organs can support general anesthesia
Anesthesia might have multiple side effects depending on the pet
$400 to $1,000 depending on the procedure
Healthy Teeth

Want Luna or Oscar to have healthy teeth?

Book an appointment and we’ll evaluate your pet’s mouth condition and viability for our anesthesia free pet dental.

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