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All Fun, No Fright: Halloween Pet Safety
Pet Safety

All Fun, No Fright: Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is an exciting time of year, filled with costumes, decorations, and tasty treats. However, it can also pose certain risks to our beloved four-legged family members. As a loving pet parent, you might be concerned about all that activity giving your pet unnecessary fright. In this blog post, we’ll explore some valuable Halloween pet safety tips to ensure your BFFs have a safe and enjoyable evening.

Costumes For Halloween Pet Safety

Many pet owners love dressing up their furry friends in adorable costumes, but not all pets enjoy being dressed up. We know it’s tempting to want to get the perfect cute video of your pet’s costume to share with your friends, but before you choose a costume for your pet, consider their comfort and safety.

  • Choose pet-specific costumes: Opt for costumes designed specifically for pets to ensure a proper fit and minimize discomfort.
  • Ensure visibility: Make sure your pet can see clearly and that their costume doesn’t obstruct their vision. This will prevent accidents and discomfort.
  • Avoid choking hazards: Remove any small, dangling, or easily chewable parts from the costume that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Monitor your pet’s comfort: Keep an eye on your pet while they’re in their costume. If they seem distressed or uncomfortable, it’s best to remove it.

Halloween Candy and Treat Safety For Pets

  • Keep candy out of reach: Store all Halloween candy in a secure location where your pets can’t access it, such as a high cupboard or a locked container.
  • Talk to your guests: If you’re hosting a Halloween gathering, inform your guests about the importance of not sharing candy with your pets.
  • Be cautious with wrappers: Pets might be attracted to candy wrappers, which can cause choking or intestinal blockages if ingested. Dispose of wrappers properly.

Decorations and Pet-Proofing

Halloween decorations can be enticing to pets, but they can also pose hazards. Ensure your decorations are pet-friendly & keep them secure to avoid any mishaps. 

  • Secure decorations: Make sure any decorations, like lights or candles, are securely fastened and out of your pet’s reach to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid open flames: Pets can easily knock over candles or get burned. Opt for flameless LED candles instead.
  • Watch out for cords: Pets might chew on electrical cords, so tape them down or use cord protectors to keep them safe. This will prevent guests from tripping too!

Halloween Pet Safety Dog Baker Costume

Trick-or-Treating Precautions

If you plan to take your pet with you while trick-or-treating or have them greet visitors at home, take these precautions:

  • Use reflective gear: If you’re walking your dog at night, use reflective collars, leashes, or clothing to make them more visible to drivers.
  • Keep IDs and microchips up to date: Ensure your pet has proper identification, including a collar with an ID tag and an up-to-date microchip, in case they get lost.


Beware of the doorbell! 😱

Frequent doorbell ringing and strangers in costumes can be stressful for pets. If your pet experiences anxiety, you can follow similar guidelines like you would on July 4th to help them feel better & stay safe on Halloween night.

  • Keep your pet in a quiet, secure room during peak trick-or-treating hours, preferably far away from the front door if possible.
  • Give your pet CBD or another calming treat. If your pet has never had anxiety supplements, choose a trusted brand with clean ingredients, like Bocce’s Bakery Calming Dog Chews. Try calming supplements for your pet before Halloween to see how they react and make sure to start with small doses, working up to a dose that seems to provide them the right amount of calm for them. Make sure you read the label for dosing instructions, and never give your pet more than the recommended amount.
  • Turning on music or the TV in the room your pet is in and giving them a new chew toy can help distract them from the noises and activity happening outside.


If you don’t want to have the doorbell ringing all night, place a friendly note on your door with a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters to help themselves instead.

Here’s a helpful Halloween Night Door Template you can use:

Tip icon

Happy Halloween!

We would love to see your amazing costumes, but we have a good {boy/girl} inside who gets stressed by all the activity. {Dog’s name} says thank you for not ringing the doorbell and {he/she} would love to get snuggles from you later when it’s not so spooky out!

Please take a treat or two and have a frightfully fun Halloween night!

{If you have time and an ink pad, add your pet’s paw print to the bottom & sign their name to make this note extra sweet!}

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

Halloween can be a fun and enjoyable time for the whole family, including your pets, as long as you prioritize their safety. By following these Halloween pet safety tips and being mindful of your furry friends’ comfort and well-being, you can ensure that Halloween remains a happy and safe holiday for everyone in your household. Happy Halloween!

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