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Anesthesia Free Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

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A zen approach to pet dental cleaning.

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Professional teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, no anesthesia required!

Where to find us?

3066 Grand Ave, Ste G, Coconut Grove,
Miami, FL 33133

Call us: (305) 882-9804

Hours of operations

Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM
9AM - 5PM

Treats & tranquility

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Aroma & Sound Therapy

Relaxing scents & sounds create a calming atmosphere during your pet’s dental cleaning.

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Open Concept Environment

No cages means less stress for pets and faster cleanings too!

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CBD Relaxation Option

CBD is available for purchase at our spas. Pet parents can give CBD to their pets as a side-effect free option for reducing anxiety during dental cleaning appointments.

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Organic Dental Products

Maintain your pet’s dental health at home with our natural & organic product selection.

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A healthier smile in 3 steps

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Keep your pet’s mouth healthy all year with discounted dental rates & affordable monthly payments.

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Can’t visit our pet dental spa in Miami?

No worries, we can come to you! Book a house call appointment and we’ll take care of your pet’s dental cleaning needs in the comfort of your home.

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Pet weight is 26-50 pounds


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We require a non-refundable $25.00 deposit per pet at the time of booking your appointment. The deposit will cover your pet’s dental evaluation performed on the day of their cleaning and will be applied to the final bill at the end of the visit. Cancellation policy

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10 October 2021
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Lula Cat

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Cancellation Policy

We understand that schedules can change sometimes, even for the most purrrfect of planners!

In an effort to respect your time, as well as the time of our other clients and dental techs, we kindly request 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations. If you are not able to notify us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment your deposit will be forfeited.

If you have any questions...

You can call us at 8322815281 or send us an email at cypress@healthysmiles.pet

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