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Anesthesia free teeth cleaning for dogs & cats

We deep clean your pet’s teeth safely, without anesthesia. Divider image

Your pet’s teeth need regular deep cleanings to help prevent periodontal disease, which can cause gum and tooth loss.

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What Exactly is a Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental?

It’s precisely what you imagine:

A pet teeth cleaning without anesthesia that takes a 5-step approach.

First, we gently swaddle your pet to ensure it feels safe. Then, we begin the dental cleaning by removing the plaque and calculus on your pet’s teeth. We further clean the bacteria under the gum line and finish by polishing, wiping, and rinsing the mouth.

Our non-anesthetic dentals help reduce the risk of bacterial infections such as periodontal disease, which adversely affects your pet’s overall health, causing chronic pain, gum inflammation and, in severe cases, bone loss and organ failure.

To avoid these health risks, your pet should have a deep dental cleaning every 6 months.

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Our dentals are fast but thorough

Given that our dental cleanings are anesthesia-free, and do not require a recovery period where your pet would need to come out of the anesthesia, the cleaning takes approximately 60 minutes.

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Now, When is Anesthesia Required?

Anesthetic dental cleanings are required for severe periodontal disease. Also, when teeth need to be extracted, the use of sedation is required to avoid severe pain.

Non-Anesthetic vs. Anesthetic Dentals

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between each.

When is it needed?
Procedure Time
Down Time
Lab Tests

Without Anesthesia

Every 6 months to maintain dental health
60 minutes
No down time
No medications are used
Doesn’t require prior lab tests
$179 - $269 depending on the pet’s size

With Anesthesia

As recommended by your veterinarian
4 to 8 hours (including recovery time)
Recovery time after procedure
Sedatives and general anesthesia (both IV and inhaled) are used
Requires pre-anesthetic lab work to make sure pet’s internal organs can support general anesthesia
$600 to $1,200 depending on the procedure

Our dental cleanings are safe, affordable and anesthesia-free.

Dogs and cats have different health considerations. Learn how we approach cleaning their teeth.

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