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Need some dental care guidance, pet parents?

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We’ve got the tips you need to reveal your pet’s best smile.

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A Pet’s Medical History is Key to Successful Dental Cleanings

Pets’ medical history dictates if they are good candidates for non-anesthetic dental cleanings

Top Reasons for Pet Declines

Health and behavioral issues come into play when declining a pet for a non-anesthetic dental cleaning.

Calming Techniques Used During Non-Anesthetic Dentals

The calmer a dog is during a non-anesthetic dental cleaning, the safer the procedure will be.

Risks Associated with Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental Cleanings

It’s always safety first with HealthySmiles dental cleanings, and there are some risks pet owners should be aware of when they’re booking an appointment.

How to brush your dog’s teeth at home? A GIF guide

Seven steps to brushing your dog’s teeth - keep it positive!

Top Tips for Teething Puppies

When do puppies start teething? What are the puppy teething symptoms? Our experts tackle everything you need to know about this puppy stage.

6 Best Dog Dental Chews & Treats

These dental chews and treats are recommended by HealthySmiles Vet Technician experts. These can be given to dogs between dental cleanings to help maintain the results.

What type of teeth do dogs and cats have?

How many teeth do dogs and cats have? What are the differences between cat and dog teeth? We have answers to all your questions!

12 signs that your pet needs a dental cleaning

How do you know when your dog or cat needs a dental cleaning?

Anesthesia-free vs. Anesthetic dental cleanings

How do you decide which procedure is right for your pet?

What is periodontal disease in pets?

Did you know that periodontitis is the most common disease of animals? Yet it often gets confused with gingivitis.

How do you know when your dog and cat needs an anesthetic dental?

For patients with periodontal disease, the treatment goal is the removal of plaque and calculus from the teeth.

5 common questions about non‑anesthetic dental cleanings for dogs & cats

‘Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning’ is another common phrase used by veterinarians and pet parents!

Everything you need to know about dental cleanings for dogs and cats

Periodontal disease is so common in dogs and cats that regular dental exams are an essential part of their care regimen.

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