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Cats need regular deep dental cleanings to prevent disease.


Keep your cat’s teeth healthy with anesthesia-free dentals.

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Make Your Cat’s Love Bites Lovely.

Regular dental care will keep your cat’s teeth shiny and their breath fresh, plus will help prevent dental infections like periodontal disease, which can progress from mild to severe in a matter of months.

This type of dental infection causes gum inflammation, chronic pain, and if severe, bone loss and eventual organ failure.

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Deep Inside a Cat’s Mouth

Cats' mouths have many different types of bacteria ready to attack their gums and teeth, giving them a higher risk of periodontal disease than dogs.

Because cats are at a higher risk of contracting oral infections, they are also at a higher risk of needing an anesthetic dental.

The good news is that cats have 30 adult teeth that are significantly smaller than dog teeth, which means their dental cleanings will go faster.

Cat teeths

Also, because dogs chew on bones and cats don’t, cats don’t benefit from the natural help bone chewing brings in preventing periodontal disease.

So they contract this unhealthy, pain-causing, invasive disease that requires an anesthetic dental by a vet.

Keep your cat’s mouth purrfect

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How Non-Anesthetic dentals work for Cats

  • We prefer to perform dentals on cats as our first or last patients so dogs aren’t around to stress them out.

  • We make sure your cat isn’t overly anxious or has severe oral pain.

  • A cleaning takes about 30 minutes.

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Our 5-Step Dental Process

Your Cat Goes from Grumpy Cat to Fine Feline with a Cat Dental

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At First: Feline Grouchy. Now: Feline Proud.

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Frequestly Ask Questions

How often should a cat get a dental?

Your cat should get a dental every six months to keep his mouth meowvelous.

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