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6 Home Remedies to Stop Stinky Dog Breath
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6 Home Remedies to Stop Stinky Dog Breath

Is stinky dog breath putting a stop to your snuggle time?

Brushing your pet’s teeth once a day at home is the best way to prevent bad breath caused by bacteria buildup.

But some doggos just aren’t into having their teeth brushed the old fashioned way.

If this sounds like a furry friend you know and love, there are other ways to help keep their breath fresh and teeth clean naturally!

Try One of These Natural Remedies For Bad Dog Breath



Share a healthy snack of Carrot Sticks & Apple Slices with your best buddy.

  • The crunchy texture helps scrape away plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth and gums naturally.
  • A few minutes in the freezer creates a soothing treat for teething pups!



Add a little bit of Coconut Oil to your dog’s food or use it as a toothpaste!

  • The Antiviral, Antifungal & Antibacterial properties found in coconut oil are a bad breath fighting trifecta for dogs!
  • Bonus! Coconut oil helps keep your pup’s coat shiny too!

Fresh mint


Sprinkle a little Fresh Mint onto your dog’s food at every meal.

  • This freshly scented herb contains Chlorophyll which has natural healing properties. Mint is also rich in Vitamins A and C, which support healthy bones, skin, and vision.
  • Mint can even help to promote healthy digestion in pets and humans!



Add up to a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to Fido’s water bowl.

  • Contains bacteria killing Malic & Acetic Acids.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is also a natural source of calcium, potassium & magnesium —important minerals for overall health.



Choose Chew Toys & Treats designed for cleaning teeth

  • Our blog post on the best dental chews for dogs can help guide you in the right direction!
  • Lemon acts as a natural deodorizer creating freshly scented breath with every drink of water!

Give Your Dog Yogurt or speak with your vet about Probiotic Supplements

  • Some research has shown that the good, active bacteria found in yogurt and probiotics can help with stinky breath by killing odor-causing bacteria found in the mouth.
  • Good bacteria can also help with digestive and other health issues!

Dog's teeth

Start a Routine to Stop Stinky Dog Breath

The home remedies above will certainly help keep stinky dog breath at bay, but they are just one part of keeping your pet’s mouth healthy. Maintaining a routine of regular at home brushing and seeing a professional for twice yearly deep cleanings, is the best way to ensure your pet’s mouth stays fresh, clean, and free from bad bacteria. If you’re having trouble getting your dog to relax while you try to clean their teeth, our At-Home Brushing Guide is full of tips and tricks to help make brushing your dog’s teeth at home a more enjoyable experience for you and your furry best friend!

With these 6 ways to stop bad dog breath and a routine of regular brushing, you’ll be back to snuggle time with your beloved canine in no time!

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Kelli Harvey

Kelli Harvey has produced educational materials for local animal rescues and worked closely with veterinarians across the US to help improve the lives of pets for many years. She’s also an obsessed pet mom to two rambunctious rescue mutts!

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